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Home Theater Systems and Media Rooms

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Your own Private Cinema

Home Theater and Surround Sound has evolved. By using the latest Dolby Atmos technology we are able to create a fully immersive viewing experience. This newer format places effect speakers overhead, or strategically placed near the screen to create a new three dimensional listening environment for the ultimate Home Theater Room.

"Dolby Atmos® is an industry-leading audio technology that delivers powerful, moving audio that flows all around you, even from above and behind."



To take advantage of today's digital media and create truly awesome Home Theaters and Media Rooms- we carefully select products from some of the finest brands in the industry. If you want to enjoy your favorite movies or sporting events in the comfort of your own home, partner with Custom Works, the premier Home Theater Company in Northern Virginia.

We'll design and integrate a system to fit almost any space and meet most budgets,. From a simple Basement Media Room for the Kids, or a full blown dedicated Home Theater, our skilled partners allow us to deliver complete turn key solutions: including room design, custom trim / cabinetry and even acoustic room isolation. If you're ready to get started, contact us and we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your Home Theater project!

Create. Connect. Control.

There is more to a Home Theater than simply hanging speakers around the room. Many factors go into the design of a great Media Room or Home Theater System. We take into consideration the room size, and viewing distance before selecting the proper components to create the perfect cinema experience.

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We understand that technology can often be intimidating or complicated for many. With each of our Audio Video systems we recommend a customized remote control system from URC. This custom programmed interface will simplify the system and allow it to be enjoyed by the entire Family. For the more advanced systems, tablet based control is also an option.

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