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We understand this is a client driven business, and value the relationships with our most important asset - you. Here are a few examples of what our clients are saying.....

John G. Bristow, VA

"I don't often give the highest recommendation for workmanship but I'll gladly do so now. When we built our house 4 years ago, we planned a room for our future home theater. But honestly, I never envisioned such a beautiful and sonically impressive result. Having never built anything of the sort, I relied heavily on the planning and advice of Custom Works to achieve the perfect outcome for us. From design and construction, to equipment selection and installation, they exceeded my expectations. We love movies but never thought we'd be able to reproduce the look and feel of the 'real thing' well enough to not feel the need to go to the movies. But they honestly acheived that goal. We still enjoy movies, but now we just don't have to go. Knowledge, attentiveness, quality and care. Doesn't get much better than that. Highly recommended!"

PAUL B. (Willowsford), ALDIE, VA

"I used Custom Works...phenomenal job soup to nuts. Super meticulous..every detail was done right. From the doors, lighting, hardware..and of course the audio/video. When he said he would be here..he was here, on time, and on schedule. When it was all done, and my projector went on the fritz a year later, he was here in a day to dismount and send it to the manufacturer. Love these guys!!"

Heeun G. (Willowsford), ALDIE, VA

"Custom Works did a wonderful job on our Theater Room. Nick and team were professional, very knowledgeable and great to work with!"

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