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Changing the Landscape

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Outdoor Televisions and Speaker Systems

Outdoor Televisions for ANY application


Outdoor Living is more popular than ever. Of course we get requests for Outdoor Speakers, but weatherproof TV's have become much more common. Manufacturers noticed the trend towards Outdoor TV's and now many offer several models to choose from based on the application. From Full Shade to Full Sun, contact the Custom Works team for a consultation!

Outdoor Speaker Solutions

We have been providing quality Outdoor Speaker Solutions for years. From basic to extreme, we've got you covered with some of the finest brands in the industry. Contact Custom Works AV and allow us to create an Outdoor Music system for your Home.

Landscape Collection

Perfect for the Pool or Patio

Our Landscape Music packages are ideal for surrounding a Pool, or Patio, Designed to fill large spaces with effortless audio while the bronze finish complements your backyard beautifully. The real highlight however is turning it on-  using multiple satellite speakers and matching in-ground subwoofers this system is sure to impress!

Fidelity at its Finest

Planter Collection

For the Audiophile clients that truly appreciate the best, this is it. The Flagstone from Planter Speakers represents one of the finest Outdoor Speakers available. The Flagstone is a timeless design with contemporary yet classic style. Its three-way speaker design hides a 10-inch woofer, a four-inch mid-range and one-inch tweeter in a planter that will change the way you listen to music outside!

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